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Regional Musician is a free digital magazine written by and for musicians,  industry professionals, and fans. Think of us as the right brain for the left brain artists. We entertain, educate, and promote the up and coming musicians who wish to make music their career.  We strive to keep our content open to all genres and clean to read by all ages.  No politics here, just musicians and their stories, and helpful advice to keep you on the track to living the life you want!  Our content is within the pages of the three issues we publish each month, one for each region of the country, and be sure to turn up your volume when you get to the Q&A’s so you can hear our fantastic artists!  Please click below to see any of the latest issues, and navigate the pages of this site to learn more about the magazine. And be sure to visit our sponsors, because they keep the magazine free for all of you!


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Regional Musician is a freely distributed digital magazine (not a website!) and it is written for musicians, by musicians. The content is distributed in 3 separate issues per month, reaching readers across America and around the globe.

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Our readership has grown steadily since launch in Summer 2013, and our reader base increasingly interacts with us via social media and on the street.

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